Generate and Manage e-Invoice directly from Tally


Real Time Compliance

Signing an e-Invoice, immediately starts reflecting in your GSTR1 and Buyer's GSTR2A, it helps buyer get ITC realtime basic.


Accurate e-Invoicing

Its a fullproof and tested solutions with multiple validation algorithm which helps you to correctly sign e-Invoice on IRP portal.


Cost Effective Solution

We have programmed offline basic validations in tally, for example state, gstin, hsn etc, which saves your api calls and reduces your cost.


Automate your e-Invoicing process

Its never cool that you spend your time doing the same type of work repeateadly, Take your business strategy to the next level and automatize your e-Invoicing process, we can provide you results in less than 30 mins.


Its Smarter than you Think

  • One click E-Invoice Generation on Invoices and Debit Credit Notes
  • Bulk Generation of e-Invoices
  • Verifyable QR Code on Tally Invoices
  • Offline Validations to reduce API Call Charges.
More Details

Campaigns Monitoring Tools

Campaigns monitoring is a feature we've developed since the beginning because it's at the core of Tivo and basically to any marketing activity focused on results.

  • Easily plan campaigns and schedule their starting date
  • Start campaigns and follow their evolution closely
  • Evaluate campaign results and optimize future actions

Analytics Control Panel

Analytics control panel is important for every marketing team so it's beed implemented from the begging and designed to produce reports based on very little input information.

  • If you set it up correctly you will get acces to great intel
  • Easy to integrate in your websites and landing pages
  • The generated reports are important for your strategy

Worried! How to configure e-Invoice with your Tally

We have prepared a comprehensive guide to help your business get ready for e-invoicing.

  • Download and Setup Utility
  • Reigster Your Business
  • Authenticate Yourself
  • e-Sign your documents in One Click

Pricing Plans

3 days trial
  • 10000 API Calls
  • e-Sign Sales, Debit Note and Credit Note
  • Bulk e-Invoice Generation
  • User Access Control
  • Free Support and Updates
  • Rs. 1.5 per api call onwards
3 days Trial
  • 25000 API Calls
  • e-Sign Sales, Debit Note and Credit Note
  • Bulk e-Invoice Generation
  • User Access Control
  • Free Support and Updates
  • Rs. 1 per api call onwards
Our company started to use e-Invoice with the free trial about a week ago, I found the invoices are getting signed accurately, since then our company is e-Invoice enabled, I would definately recommend this tool, its working perfectly fine in my organiztion.
Rohit K Pandey | Director
Few of my clients are using this addon and they are happy with solutions they have provided, it saves a lot of time and avoid duplication of work.
Ashok Sawnani | Advocate
Earlier my customers were using others solution which did not help a lot, it was a failure, but We found this solutions very robost and cost effective. I would recommend using it to all tally customers.
Teerth Gajjar | Tally Certified Partner
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